AXIS 200 500 - Wheel Alignment Machine Haweka-Germany

 Sarv Product code [AXIS 200/500]

Wheel Alignment Machine for Commercial Motor Vehicles

Unique Features :

  • Mobile Wheel Alignment System.
  • All measurements are taken in driving positionlifting not necessary.
  • Electronic Inclinometer with digital display.
  • Simple mounting on steel-rims by fast magnetic. Feet (Grab arms for alloy rims.)
  • Measuring head rotatable by 360° incl. battery technology.
  • Reference for measurement is the Chassis frame !
  • All measurement for front axes with in 10 minutes incl. Set-up time.
  • Takes just seconds to record the different geometric angle values of the vehicle.
  • The camber value is immediately indicated after assembly After simply locking the steering, the values for caster and king pin inclination are directly indicated on the display 

Product Overview

Wheel alignment system AXIS500 including accessories and box for the device.