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SARV Premium Garage Equipment & Tyre Service Tools

Sarveshwari Technologies Limited, known by its brand name SARV (1992, Delhi) is the only premium manufacturer and supplier of Workshop Equipment and Tyre service tools in India.

Sarv manufactures various Truck 22.5" Manual Tyre Changing Tools, 17.5" Tyre Changing Tool Kits ,Tyre service, Tyre Repair , Tyre Valve, Tyre Puncture Repair Tools, Wheel Balancing , Tyre Changing and Wheel Alignment accessories for most of the Equipment Brands in the world and exports them to more than 70+ countries worldwide. It has created a brand name and value in the international market and has been recipient of various awards by the Govt. of India.
Domestically Sarv deals with various International Equipment from renowned companies such as CEMB-Italy , Space-Italy etc to build premium workshops for Tyre Dealers, OEM dealers  for Motorcycle, Cars & LCVs, Trucks Buses & OTRS.
Equipment Range includes Wheel Balancing Machines, Tyre changing Machines, Wheel Alignment Machines, Engine Cranes, Gear Box Trolleys, Vehicle Lifts, Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems, Thrust Angle Adjustment Jacks , nitrogen generators etc.

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Featured Products
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Truck Wheel Alignment 6CCD vs 8CCD

6CCD Truck Wheel Alignment Machine

Sensors Directly Mounted  6 CCD Sensors
AnglesTotal Partial Toe, Camber, Caster , King Pin, Thrust Angle
 Suitable for
Multi-axle Vehicles

8CCD Truck Wheel Alignment Machine

SensorsDirectly Mounted  8 CCD Sensors
AnglesTotal Partial Toe, Camber, Caster , King Pin, Thrust Angle, Setback Angle  
 Suitable for
Multi-axle Vehicles

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