ATF-20DT - Auto-Transmission Fluid Oil Exchanger

Sarv Product code [ATF-20DT]

Auto-Transmission Fluid Oil Exchanger for Cars & LCV’s

Unique Features : 

  • Flow direction automatically controlled and equal amount exchange system.
  • Oil cycling flow speed monitor.
  • Change the oil by the power of gear-box and the exchanger.
  • Automatically shift to oil-extracting function after completed oil exchanging.
  • Effectively protect the gear-box and remove the grease and metal fillings.
  • Assure equal amount exchange.
  • Suit for: gasoline / diesel vehicles.
  • Standard Accessories: 1-black hose, 1-red hose, 1-Assorted Fittings adapters and hose kit.
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Working Pressure


Power (Electric)


Pressure Regulator Manual Control
Fluid Capacity 2 Tanks(30Liter/606 gallons per tank)
Gross Weight 40kgs
Dimension 60x42x1000mm

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