SBP-15 - Spray and Bake Paint Booth

Sarv Product code [SBP-15]

 Spray and Bake Paint Booth for Trucks & Buses

Unique Features :
  • Vehicle Spray Booths confine the application of a paints to a restricted controlled environment and prevent over spray from escaping confinement which may cause fire or explosion to nearby operations.
  • Front Door Dimension (mm): 4000(W)*4500(H)
  • Escaped Door(mm): 2000x800( two pcs) Total power: 63 W.
  • Cabin System Wall panel: 75mm thickness EPS colourful steel skin board. Steel sheet thickness: 0.5mm.
  • Heat- insulation.
  • Roof board: 50mm thickness rock wool panels.
  • Basement: Dig pits basement as manufacturers drawing, the basement foundation be prepared by customer.
  • Front Door: 4 folded glass door.
  • Glass: Every glass of the spray booth are safety glasses

Air Circulation System:

  • Air Inlet Fan: 2x7.5kw centrifugal fan, air capacity: 18400m3/h /, QTY: 2 sets, Two units air inlet system.
  • Air Outlet Fan: 1x15kw centrifugal fan, air capacity: 33398 m3/h, QTY: 1 set ,Two units air exhausted system.
  • Both the air inlet air and exhausted air controlled by the electrical damper.
  • Exhausted Ducting: each air make-up system with 6m air outlet ducting and one elbow.

Purification System:

  • Dual filtering structure, the primary filter can capture granules larger than 10m. Ceiling filter can capture granules bigger than 4m. The whole purification system has capacity of large volume of dust. Its filtering rate reaches 98%. Air pressure balance gauge, TSP:1.4mg/m3.

Heating System:

  • Two sets Diesel burner, 260000Kcal/h, 20N damper motor. Max temp:80, heating time: 15-20min(20-60), fuel consumption:6-8kg/ vehicle.

Lighting System:

  • 80pcs 36w Philips lamp; bottom light: 44pcs 36w Philips lamp. 800Lux. Controlling System: Micro-computer programmed controlling, spray & baking switch, light switch, emergency stop, breakdown alarm, pressure gauge, timer etc.
  • Environmental System: Multi-layers fiber glass filter, and active carbon.
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Dimensions External
Length 15,156mm
Width 6,656mm
Height 5,800mm
Dimensions Internal
Length 15,000mm
Width 5,000mm
Height 5,000mm


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