STL-ACWD-2 - Automatic Car Wash with Drier

Sarv Product code [STL-ACWD-2]

 Automatic Car Wash with Drier 

It is in modular form with two portals. One portal is the SARV car wash and the other is the drying unit. The under chassis wash system is mounted on the wash pad. This is a multi programme system.


Unique Features :

  • The machine is rigidly constructed from high quality materials, fully treated for corrosion prevention.
  • The appearance is enhanced by PVC moulded coverings finished in soft colours.
  • The new generation SARV Car Wash is automation with programmable logic controller (PLC) with inbuilt memory which controls all machine movements with absolute precision and safety.
  • Faults in the machine it can be easily read and diagnosed by LED display on the PLC.
  • The SARV Car Wash is a self contained 3 brush, roll over gantry type of machine.
  • In the PRESOAK cycle the car is totally covered with soap flakes which are rinsed of in the return traverse.
  • After presoak cycle the brush wash is started.
  • In the first pass the car is given a thorough cleaning with shampoo and gentle brushing action.
  • In the return traverse liquid wax, in predetermined quantity is sprayed over the car surface.
  • The horizontal brush keeps to the contour of the car body by means of electronic pressure sensing while its up/down movement is controlled by a geared motor system.
  • The pressure of the horizontal brush is adjustable as "Mild", "Medium" and "Hard". To suit Indian conditions it also incorporates a "luggage carrier" avoidance circuit and "back tracking" system to circumvent projections like bumpers guards etc.
  • The vertical brushes wash the sides of the car automatically adjusting to varying car widths. The movement of the vertical brushes is controlled by specially designed Latching Units, which make the vertical brushes exert equal pressure on the car sides for excellent cleaning of the sides.
  • The brushes are made of polyethylene material bristles mounted on PVC pads of 305 mm length for easy replaceability. 2 or 3 electronic metering pumps monitor correct ratio of mix of detergent and wax.
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Space Requirement (LxBXH

10 x 4.2 x 3.5 m

Water Jet Pressure

4 Bar

Capacity 60 to 80 Cars/ Day
Power Requirement 6.7 KW / 3 phase / 400V





The system can be installed in a different configuration where Space requirement (LxBXHt) is - 17 x 4.2 x 3.5 m and capacity can be doubled at no extra cost.

Note: Brushless models / 2 brush models / under chassis car washes also available.

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