SMNL150 - Magnetic Nail Lifter Trolley

Sarv Product code [SMNL150]

 Magnetic Nail Lifter Trolley for Trucks & Buses

Unique Features :

  • Used for quick Clearing of dangerous ferrous scrap metals which include iron chips, shavings, nails, nuts, screws, tacks, barbed wire and staples etc.
  • Easy To Use Hand Held Trolley
  • Wheels With Double Ball Bearing
  • Discharge By Creating Gap Between
  • Bottom Plate & Magnet
  • Over All M/c Dimensions: 600 X 150mm
  • Ferro Magnet Size: 400 X 100mm
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Magnet Size(LxWxH)


Total Length

22” Inch

Total Height 6” Inch
Handle Total Height From Floor 34” Inch
Handle Total Height Without Floor 28” Inch

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