STL-G5-N2 - Nitrogen Tyre Inflation System

Sarv Product code [NITROPURE STL-G5-N2]

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation System for Trucks & Buses


Unique Features :

  • Generates nitrogen from compressed air.
  • Auto Shut-Off.
  • 2 Pre-Filters.
  • 118L/31.1gal (us) external nitrogen storage tank.
  • 1Nos*10m/32.8ft standard hose with 2 quick couplers to connect the unit and your tire inflation gun.
  • Nitrogen purity test port.
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Parameter/ Model



Nitrogen purity


95.5 - 99

Required Input pressure


N2 filling range PSI 0-174
Pre filter Micron 5

Outlet Air pressure

Kg/cm2 10-12

Including External

Litres 118
Nitrog. storage tank -- --
Power supply VAC 230/1 ph/50 ±/10v
Net Weight Kgs 98
Overall Dimensions mm 620x400x1275

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