STL-SBB-7SPT - Spray and Bake Paint Booth

Sarv Product code [STL-SBB-7SPT]


 Spray and Bake Paint Booth for Cars & LCV’s


Unique Features : 

  • Purification system
    • Dual filtering structure, the primary filter can capture granules than 10 pm. Ceiling filters capture granules larger than 4pm. Its filtering rate reaches 98%. Air pressure balance gauge, TSP <1.4mg/m3
  • Controlling system
    • Spray & baking switch, light switch, emergency stop, breakdown alarm.
  • Heating system
    • Italy Reillo G20 diesel burner, 180000 kcal/h, 10N damper motor SUS304 stainless steel heat exchanger, argon arc, welding. Max temp 80ºC heating time : 4-6(20-60ºC), fuel consumption : 4-5 ltr./vehicle
  • Lighting system
    • Ceiling light : 24 Pcs. 36W, Philips Lamp, 900 Lux
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Cabin system



EPS Colorful steel skin panel, 50mm thick, tongue & groove style, compound Construction. Anti-flame and heat insulation, galvanized steel roof panels.
Basement Galvanized Steel sheet and square pipe assembling, grid & embossed plate floor, three embossed steel ramps.




Circulation System



Inlet fan

Capacity 24000 m3/h
Pressure 815pa
Velocity 900rpm
Power 4.0 kw
Quantity 2 Set
  Capacity 15000 m3/h
Pressure 815pa
Velocity 900rpm
Power 5.5 kw
Quantity 1 Set



 Outside Size  7000x5560x3430 (mm)
 Inside Size  6900x4000x2750 (mm)
 Front Door  3000(w)x2700(h) (mm)
 Power consumption  6.5kw  10.5kw  16kw


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