STLPWT01 - Pneumatic Impact Wrench Holding Trolley

Sarv Product code [STLPWT01]

Nut Runner Holding Trolley for Passenger Car/Bus/Trucks

Unique Features :

  • It is used for holding 1” & ¾” Impact Wrench which is approximately 12-15kg of weight for easily assembling & disassembling of wheel nuts of Passenger Car/Bus/Trucks without much effort.
  • Trolley can be moved freely and it can lock the movement of trolley by locking the front caster wheel.
  • It is so designed that it can store the different sizes of socket, nuts and tools.
  • It is with the Jib Arm to hang the Impact Wrench and rest it after use.
  • Operation of the trolley is fast ,convenient and simple which reduces, strain or labour and improve work efficiency.
  • In order to use it unlock the Impact Wrench from the tray and switch on the rocker arm and it can be adjusted to various angle performance.
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