ER-60 - New Digital Professional Balancing Machine

Sarv Product code [ER-60]
New Digital Professional Balancing Machine for Cars, LCV, Motorcycles, Scooter & Terrain wheels. | CEMB - Italy

Maximum results within minimum space!

Unique Features : 
  • Easy to use with great results in both design and style.
  • Electromagnetic brake to lock the wheel in the correct position.
  • Automatic gauge for diameter and distance measurements of rims upto 28".
  • Laser Spotter : for the correct inside positioning of the weights.
  • Multi functional display.
  • All programs useful for the professional : SPLIT, OPT, ALU.
  • External Clamping Kit for motorcycle tyres available. Refer accessories section.
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Single phase power supply

115/230V 50/60Hz

Max. absorbed power

0.15 KW

Balancing speed

100 rpm

Rim width setting range

1.5” – 20”

Rim diameter setting range

10” -  30”

Air Pressure

8-10 Bar

Max. wheel weight

< 75 kg

Machine weight


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