TD68 | TD90 - Heavy Duty Steel Truck Drains

Sarv Product code [TD68/TD90]

Heavy Duty Steel Truck Drains for Trucks & Buses


Unique Features :

  • Designed for use with heavy-duty trucks, buses, RV’s and other low profile automobiles where a lift drain is not suitable.
  • Rugged steel construction makes it ideal for use in heavy commercial vehicles repair shops Baffles* inside the reservoir prevents any oil spillage during transport.
  • Available in two capacities a. 68 litres b. 90 litres.
  • Both sizes available with and without pump Manual Pump discharge upto 1 litre / 5 turns.
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LXWXH(mm) Capacity


Gravity oil drain 1065x560x190mm 68


Drain with manual

rotary pump

1065x560x190mm 68
TD/90BF/G Gravity oil drain 1215x750x212mm 90
TD/90BF/P Drain with manual rotary pump 1215x750x212mm 90

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