Computerized Lube Oil Dispensing and Monitoring System

Sarv Product code [Lube Oil Dis]
Computerized Lube Oil Dispensing and Monitoring System for Cars & LCV’s


Unique Features : 

  • The oil directly from the barrel is dispensed into the vehicle
  • All the technician has to do is key in the job card.
  • Present his rfid card, pickup the nozzle and dispense into the vehicle.
  • All in less than a minute.
  • Online data of every transaction
  • Complete inventory management of lubes
  • Online job card wise query
  • Graphical display of inventory
  • On line graphical display of barrel level.
  • Job card authorization entry(for controlled usage)
  • Job card wise report
  • Technician wise report
  • Purchase entries reports.
  • Product wise report.
  • Barrel wise report.
  • Avoid spillage.
  • Drop to drop accountability of lube.
  • Better housekeeping (no spillage).
  • Saving in bulk purchase of lube oil.
  • Avoid excess dispensing (accurate metering).
  • Helps in workshop automation.
  • Secured access.
  • Man hours savings turn around.
  • No litter disposal (packaged oil).
  • Multi user facility.
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