SMCL-55-75-85 - Mobile Column Lift by Sarv

Sarv Product code [SMCL-55/75/85]

 Heavy Duty Colum Lift for Trucks/Buses & OTR 

Unique Features:

  • 4-column, 6-column
  • Remote control handset with 10 metres cable
  • LCD screen shows the exact lifting height and fault diagnosis, etc
  • Adjustable wheel support for all kinds of wheel sizes
  • Each column is equipped with it's own control system, applies to four, or six, or eight columns per set.
  • The hydraulic electric system provides safe and accurate real time control.
  • With up-to-date technology, SCM control system ensures the lifts' synchronization.
  • Double safety system: mechanical lock and hydraulic check valve.
  • Fixed wheel supports or optional adjustable ones at your choice.
  • Mobile and flexible, the system can be used indoor or outdoor.
  • Waterproof design for use in commercial wash bays.


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Lifting Capacity 5500/7500/8500kgs  per column
Motor Power 1.1 Kw
Max. lifting height 1700mm
Time for lifting or lowering 120s/100s
Power supply 400V/ 415V, 50Hz
Motor Power 2.2 kw per column
Weight 580kgs per column
Lifting system Hydraulic
Dimensions 226cm (H)*110cm (W)*120cm (L with
Hydraulic trolley

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