STL WBL65 - Pneumatic Wheel Lift

Sarv Product code [STL-WBL65]

Pneumatic Wheel Lift for Cars & LCV wheels.


Unique Features : 

  • The STL-WBL65 is a pneumatic wheel lift designed to raise and support (up to 150 lb.) tire/wheel combinations.
  • The STL-WBL65’s compact design allows it to fit under most wheel balancers.
  • The operator rolls the tire onto the lowered platform slide, moves the conveniently located toggle switch and raises the wheel/tire to the correct mounting height. The platform slide allows the wheel to be moved onto the balancer shaft and then the mounting cones and locking nut are installed.
  • The STL-WBL65 has three non-mar cone hangers that store the cones or quick release nut nearby.
  • The four base mounted detent springs provide a controlled descent levelling speed.
  • The base mounted air regulator helps to maintain the correct pressure to the pneumatic cylinder.
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Lifting Capacity 65kgs
Max. Lifting Height 520mm
Overall Height 200mm
Overall Height 820mm
Require Air Pressure 100psi
Gross Weight 40kg


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