Sarvshine 32 - 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

Sarv Product code [SARVSHINE-32]

3D Wheel Alignment Machine for Cars & LCV’s 

Standard Features

  • Plug & Play Machine.
  • Microsoft window 7 compatible alignment program.
  • Alignment with Pit or lift.
  • All traditional basic parameters and extensive functions like Steering Wheel, Single Wheel, and Vehicle lift etc., can be done in less than 2 minutes during rollback dynamically without rim compensation.
  • Chassis Align Data online facility.
  • Precise measurements can be done.
  • Animated pictorial display of angles during alignment. Integrated help system.
  • Variable Height adjustment of Camera beam.

Special Features

  • Adjustable camera exposure to align super big Vehicles.
  • Screen size 19 inch.


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Wheel Size 12"- 24" (30cm-60)
Track Width 48"- 96 (122cm-244cm)
Wheelbase 79"- 180" (201cm-457cm)
Power Requirements 120/230V 1Ph 60Hz


Technical Data Range Accuracy
Front Total Toe-in ±20° ±2’
Camber ±20° ±2’
Caster ±20° ±4’
SAI/KPI ±20° ±6’
Setback ±5° ±2’
Tread   ±2mm
Wheelbase   ±2mm


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